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Who We Are

Nathan Dewberry

Nathan is the founder of Go Love Africa. During a mission trip in 2013, he  snapped a few photos of locals in Zimbabwe. Dewberry noticed the locals’ reactions after having their photos taken, recalling that most simply wanted to see their photo on the screen of the camera. “I just wanted to figure out a way to give them the picture I had just taken,” he said.

When he returned, he began trying to figure out how to provide people in remote areas with a photo of themselves...and Go Love Africa was born.

He worked for WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, LA, from 2005-2009 and currently works as the Administrator for Jefferson Baptist Church.

Cullen McDaniel

Cullen McDaniel serves as the music minister at Jefferson Baptist Church. He just graduated from Louisiana State University in May 2018. Cullen has participated in mission trips across the United States and abroad for over 10 years. While not a professional photographer, he is happy to join the team and share the Gospel through the work of Go Love Africa.

Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams met Nathan after learning of his idea to photograph African locals. The two collaborated and came up with a way to bring the gift of portraiture to the local villagers. They evaluated materials and planned their inaugural Go Love Africa trip, in Uganda.

Aaron worked as a reporter and/or photographer for several newspapers (Sun Herald in Biloxi, Mississippi, - 2003-2005; LSU's Daily Reveille - 2005-2007; The Advocate in Baton Rouge, La. - 2007) before becoming the editor of The West Side Journal in Port Allen, LA, from 2008-2015.

Johana Williams

Johana Williams has been a strong supporter of Go Love Africa since its conception in 2014.

She spent several years in countries throughout Southeast Asia as a missionary and, in October 2016, married Aaron.

In this, her first Go Love Africa trip, she will do photography, but will also focus on ministry and organization.

Priska Jordan

Priska is a Christian writer who writes about actionable faith steps, godly marriages, and pursuing a passion career.  She currently blogs at, which is tailored for Christian millennial women.  Priska resides in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida with her

wonderful husband and darling pit bull.

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