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How many photos does the average American own of himself/herself?

In this age of “selfies,” personal handheld devices, and social media, it’s not unusual for a person to own hundreds of photos of themselves and their families.


But imagine if you didn’t own one photo of yourself.


It’s strange to think that a thing as simple as a photograph is not something that everyone has, but it is something largely taken for granted by people all across the world.

To have a photo of oneself or a family member is actually a rarity in some areas, especially in poorer, remote areas in most African nations – those are the areas that Go Love Africa targets.


Upon taking villagers’ portraits, battery-operated printers are used to directly print professional quality photos, and the photo is given to each person.

On the reverse side of each photo is a message of the Christian gospel typed in the villagers’ written language.

We use photography to show people

in remote African villages the love of Jesus Christ.

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