Go Love Africa began in 2014 when

Nathan Dewberry and Aaron Williams

combined their talents and

resources and traveled to Uganda,

Africa, to photograph portraits of

people in the remote villages of

Bugiri, Buwini and Nankoma. More 

than 1,500 photos were printed and

given away for free.

In 2015 after interviews with photographers

from all over the country, Dewberry and

Williams settled on three Baton Rouge area

photographers – Brooke Delatte, Brandon

Maher and Taylor Hart – to travel with them

to Madagascar to the villages of Ranomafana,

Vatambe, Manabaro and Taolagnaro. More than 5,000 photos were printed and given away for free. We also saw 28 people confess Jesus Christ as their Savior for the first time and 13 of those baptized!

In 2016, Go Love Africa traveled to Sierra Leone! After being ravaged by the Ebola crisis in 2014, many countries in West Africa, including Sierra Leone saw a massive loss of life. More than 3,500 people people died in Sierra Leone during the epidemic. Go Love Africa was excited to share love through photography! Timothy Lamm joined Nathan Dewberry and Aaron Williams and together printed over 6,500 photos!

We use photography to show people

in remote African villages the love of Jesus Christ.